Salmaa Ali

Personal Information

Salmaa Ali
Gender ♀️ Female
Person ID 75
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Parents ( 1 )

Mother Allah Rakhi
Siblings ♂️ Fazal Hussain
♂️ Ch. Lal Hussain
♀️ Naseem
Family ID 134
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Spouses ( 1 )

Ch. Ali Muhammad

Additional Information

Additional Info

Dadmi maa's

Dadka was from Pagwara ( zillah jalinder )

Nanka was from Gondwal ( Next to Daarya Byaas india )


Migrated from India in 1947 from Ludhiana. They took train to Gojra Pakistan.

Their journey was safe, it was informed that the next train was ambushed by Sikhs.

Few family members were in Lahore refugee camp. Ch. M.Boota settled their family in Gojra and then went back to Lhr camp to find and bring their remaining family members.